Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Gifts at RD!

SO, one of my all time fave SL stores (and also my place of employment :p) has released yet another group gift. AND a VIP gift. AND has new lucky chairs containing new items. AND one of the lucky chairs has a lucky chair exclusive. Simmer down now RD, you'll get me all excited! Join the Reasonable Desires update group and head to the store with your tag active to tough the sign and receive this lovely lingerie for freeeee. Add RD to your picks to get another color!

This "Sophie" lingerie is also available in the lucky chairs in a range of colors, including a fabulous "poison berry" color that is a lucky chair exclusive. Note: the new lucky chairs are INSIDE the store. The old lucky chairs are still outside.

So yeah, go to RD, stalk a chair, gets some gifts, buy some cute and cheap goodness, and look sexy.

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