Saturday, January 10, 2009


So the latest casualty in the open space fiasco is +APPLE POP+ Island. I, personally, am devastated by this. They had the cutest little shops and the BEST hunts. They were one of those groups that put so much thought into their events and offerings. From their group freebie bar, to their fantastic hunts, I just wanna say I'mma miss you guys ;\

So the sim is gone, but all is not lost! The group of creators themselves haven't let go of the +APPLE POP+ group, and a lot of the freebies for group members have been moved to other shops the creators own! I can only hope that they'll find a way to continue hosting hunts, and maybe eventually get another sim someday, but for now, to know that +APPLE POP+ is still alive in some incarnation gives me hope.

So while I was hopping around to all the shops to see what was available, I found a couple of new things. Some are just store gifts, others are +APPLE POP+ group presents, and all are really nice pieces. I'd love it, if you're like me and adore +APPLE POP+, you would show your support for them by joining the group, not just for the freebies, but to let them know you appreciate all the work they've done and do. ^^

+APPLE POP+ group gift - free

You're gonna find most of the gifts available from the +APPLE POP+ group freebies here, at +YUZUKAMIA+ along with a couple of the more recent gifts. There are also a couple of really cute hair freebies. The most recent +APPLE POP+ group gift, the bubble light and stool shown above comes in a couple of incarnations, one with the red stool, another with the stool in purple, and then blue too! You'll find the purple stool version, here, at F*a (forbidden apple). And, if you turn around, you'll find the red dress, the earring, and some other fun things. To get the blue stool, go here.

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