Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shopping Spreeeeeeee

One of the BEST parts of CSR is the SHOPPING! So Pru and I gathered the boys, and off we went! We had my favorite Trey, and Ace along with us for the ride, and started at DP*YumYum. Trey can SHOP, the boy puts just about everyone I know to shame, and took it upon himself to spoil me since he hadn't given me a Christmas present yet. Weee!
Sweetest Good-bye School Uniform(on Wren) - 350L
Sweetest Good-Bye Monocrom Pants (on Ace) - 190L

After DP*YumYum we took an extended trip to Curious Kitties. After lusting a bit more over the Fukubukuro bags (curse you 1 per person limit ><) We resigned ourselves over to the CSR goodies. There we found lots of pretties, and bought lots of pretties, more than we probably should have, but OH WELL! Wreckless abandon can be fun sometimes
After Curious Kitties? Sweetest Good-bye of course. They have so much good stuff, ugh, I can hardly stand it. Clothes for both guys and the ladies, sure to leave you looking hot. I love how they put glossy plastic jackets next to high fashion kimono dresses and it completely works.

There were many a purchase made at Sweetest Good-Bye. Pants, jackets, jeans, and... the school uniforms. Oh god, the school uniforms are drool worthy. Though, both Pru and I are lusting over the sneaker boots. The blue and white pair will match my school girl outfit so feckin well. I die.

The school uniforms come in a huge assortment of colors, and they are available for both guys and girls. This is by far my favorite purchase of the trip. Not that I don't love EVERYTHING we got, but, I'm probably gonna be rocking this set for awhile.
Our next stop was Gritty Kitty, which was a HUGE lag fest, but they have lots of fun stuff for CSR available. The group favorite at this store, was very obviously, Marv the Monster. He's scripted, so you have a huge assortment of colors to choose from, and this little darling is totally affordable.

We were getting worn, so our last stop was HPMD because it's so pretty, and a great place to hang out and take pictures, of course. I almost got a holdable bunny, but my desire for the sneaker boots at Sweetest Good-Bye prevented me from getting one just yet ><
Shopping with a big group of friends is so much more fun than just going by yourself! We always go by ourselves, but when your friends are there to help you pick and choose, it's exciting! And who doesn't like spending time with their friends anyway? The only people you can make fun of and then hug afterward :D
We had so much fun on our expedition, and things in this post range from 100L to about 350L(cept for the 1200L skin Trey decided to buy xD ), so hopefully it'll help you a bit in your shopping for your CSR prizes. Only 13 more days guys, time to stop slacking!

I love you guys!

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