Monday, January 5, 2009

Skin Tight!!

So I got a note from the Paris NY Update group about a new skin store called Skin Tight and I was "New Skin Store!!! I'm there!" So I tp's over and there was a lucky chair! Of course it was not my letter, so I tp's my friend and and made her let me take pics of her.

This special Valentine's skin has the cutest tummy ever! It is very soft and feminine, not all six pack-y.

And the face is really well done and unique.

The skins for sale in the store are gorgeous and run about 1K. Believe me, I grabbed a demo :p

1 comment:

Myrtle Spyker, SkinTight Owner said...

Thank you :) I'm so glad you like it! it looks adorable on you *smiles*

link to SkinTight lucky chair