Monday, January 5, 2009

Sin Skins Sale

So, you should all know by know that I love skins. So when I hear skin sale I jump, and today I got a chance to buy some skins from a place where I had yet to purchase anything. Woot!

Sin Skins is having a sale. A GREAT sale. Every skin is 50L (except a few things randomly, which I think were actually just incorrectly priced or something). I found two that i thought looked pretty cool and scooped them up.

This is the more "normal" skin i chose and I love red lipstick so yay!

And I wanted to show how they also make some very unique skins too so I bought this geisha-inspired skin:

I would say check Sin Skins out for sure. They have skin tones from very dark to very white, even some fantasy types, and a wide variety of makeups.

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