Monday, January 5, 2009

Sole Sisters

SO I starting cleaning out my note cards folder and have come across some stuff that is pretty cool, even though a lot of it has been around awhile. One place I found hidden in my hundreds of notecards was Sole Sisters. They have so many freebie and dollarbie boots and shoes I was like WHOA. I thought they would be fugly since they were so inexpensive, but I was totally wrong.

First off, the leopard print slides. Rawr!

Second, some wild snake-type white heels. Hiss!

Then we have two pairs of boots. One sweater type and one sexpot style fit for Batman's true Catwoman.

Then some plain white heels (plain is good too!)

And finally some Obama slides. Hey, inauguration day is coming up still!

Take your time to look around the store because nothing is over 100L. There is even a special going on with I think a dozen different shoes and boots in a pack for 100L. This is a place I will go back to for sure.

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