Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been meaning to do this post for sometime. I am a huge fan of Loco Poco's and I am in love with this tiny Alien avatar called "Arilali". I have lots of fun exploring SL as Arilali not only is she cute as a button but she comes complete with a tiny hugger and ready made gestures she also works with my hud from another LP tiny. Now keep in mind the LP Avatar costs 350L alone and does not come with all the neat accessories I'm showing but, I think you will be as surprised as I was to see how much you can get for fairly little money!

Arilali at Madcow's space cafe "Chubby's Diner"
Steam coming from her ears because Chubby wouldn't serve her some Cosmic Cocktails. GRR.
Arilali is wearing the "Star Bright Set" from Xcentricity part of A Little Xcentricity line. This set made especially for Arilali and is scripted with so many options its phenomenal. The dress and shoes each have 93 color choices, and the hair has 19 color choices all changeable by touch menu. Below I'm showing just a few other colors so you can get the idea.
For only 290L this set has endless possibilities!! NO WAI!
I couldn't make a post about aliens without showing you this awesome avatar from a little shop called The Cosmic Boutique. Whenever I wear this avatar I get a ton of IM's asking where I got it. Tho cosmic boutique doesn't have a huge selection of things what they do have is really well made. This one is called "Venitian Babe Avatar" and comes complete with everything shown. Skin,Shape,Helmet,Bikini,Boots and even a space ship 250L! (not pictured)
A couple other awesome things you could find at The Cosmic Boutique!? LeeLoo, Ruby Rod, and Diva Plavalaguna Complete Av's from The 5th Element! I personally own LeeLoo (500L) and Ruby (250L) and they are really very good and come complete with sound bites and animations! Also Nibbler, Wall-E, Eve, and Zhaan from Farscape!! If these avatar interest you in any way I suggest you get down to Cosmic Boutique right away because sadly as I was checking the LM for this post I found the shop may not be around much longer as the Creator is away from SL a while and this is the last location I could find.

OK One more thing!! The CUTEST thing I have seen in a long time this wearable flying space ship which is available in the lucky board at Altya's Dream Creation's and Toys!! I couldn't wait for the lucky board, I had to have it and for only 80L its a steal in my humble opinion.
Go check this place out it has lots of fun stuff!

You or another person could click the gun to arm the cannon!
It really shoots!! Squeee!


Narita said...

if you spot hempy in her arilali avatar do yourself a favor & ask her for a hug! i promise you will never recover from the cuteness.

Nix Sands said...

I really enjoyed making that StarBrite ensemble for Arilalii and It's great seeing folks have fun with it. Thanks for the review on this, Hempy & Love/Hate!


orodwen said...

When I tried to go to the Cosmic Boutique I ended up in some sort of emitter store. Is the shop gone already?

Hempy Weezles said...

I'm going to check the slurl but it was there just yesterday!

Hempy Weezles said...

Hey Nix!
You can really tell how much your work means to you by the attention to each and every detail! Thanks for the comment! <3 xoxox

orodwen said...

I found it. Just me & my bad lag. :) Thanks!

Hempy Weezles said...
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Hempy Weezles said...

ok here is the correct SLURL-

If for some reason that still doesnt work the creators name is
Th30th3rm3 Zinner and the location is in her picks! hope that helps!