Friday, July 24, 2009

in before noon \o/

I have a bunch of random and fun goodies today, mostly jewelry, some skins and a top that Narita would normally be covering, but she's out of town this week, and I miss her :[. So we're going to start out with the Chai outlet skin sale. ALL of the skins in the outlet are 25L right now, and once they're off sale, they are GONE FOREVER. Do you understand? FOREEEEEEVER. I know you've eyed those skins before, we all have, and now, you have ZERO excuse to not buy up your whole skin tone.

This morning ~Tea Lane~ Dropped a note for a ridiculously cute jewelry set, than I lept for. Pink, and swirly, and it comes with a tiara, but I totally didn't realize my hair had eaten the tiara for breakfast, poor tiara. Anyway, this set, necklace, earrings, and tiara, are 2L and hiding in the back of the store, but not very well.

In my rompings on the gird I recently came across a small shop called Ya-Zuya. The sign says it is a Bindi shop, and its true, there are bindis, but there is also some reallly pretty jewelry. There are also a nice selection of freebies sitting on a table in the middle of the shop, and I thought I'd show those off.

Closing up today's post is the most recent group gift from Cupcakes. Cupcakes is 100L to join, but more than worth it with the skin gifts and random droppings of clothing and other such yums. They recently released a new skin line, with means there is no doubt going to be a new skin gift in the near future, but for now, this flirty summer top will totally keep me occupied.

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