Monday, July 20, 2009

Cinderella Hunt: The Clothes

This post is exceptionally late in coming which goes to prove you can't trust a Trickett to do something when they say they will. ): I think it's been a week of social distractions and procrastination, I even left the house once or twice. Shock horror. o: Anyway, onto the clothes. These were some of my favourties.

There's a few gowns in the hunt. This was probably my favourtie courtesty of Rasetsukoku. The 'Snow White' themed outfit is from Euphoria who always offer excellent hunt finds. There was an apple called 'male gift' but there wasn't anything in it and still isn't at the time of posting.

A beautiful dress from Elate!, as always. If you liked the red polka dot dress from Posh then this is the purple version. :3 In the last outfit the T-shirt is from Cheap Love Song and the pants are part of the outfit from Doux Petit Dahl.

Squish! I don't know how Narita does it, hope this fits. >.<
The dress is from Bliss Couture. The shorts outfit is from Crash Couture. Random fact: I can't spell Couture first time. x: In the blue outfit the top is from Trashy Girls who also offered some lingere and cut-out leggings. The pants are part of the outfit from Slacy's and comes with a top and fairly awesome corset although I think they are resellers of something. I don't know what, probably SimCo, everything's SimCo, I've lsot track now who originally makes what. x: And finally the skirt is from This Is A Fawn.

"Are you a frog or a toad? Does it matter? x:"
The bag and dress are by Je Republic. This is the corner of the balcony by La Flat psoted previously. The pose (and frog-toad) is by Striking Poses.

Most of the other poses (but not all) are from Karla Scrobal's gift. There is also poses available from Sugar Mill, VPoses, Glitterati and On The Cover but they are duet poseballs and logging my alt in whilst taking photos generally isn't easy. x:

There aren't really any fashion items for men. :/ I do think of you, I just don't happen to seek out men's freebies. x:
Next post is my last post for Cinderella, I think. There was a couple of novelties and then I'm back to normal blogging. Woo. x:

Black Gown - Rasetsukoku - Cinderella Hunt #44
White Outfit - Euphoria - Cinderella Hunt #81
Black/Grey Dress - Elate! - Cinderella Hunt #36
Purple Dress - Posh - Cinderella Hunt #75
T-Shirt - Cheap Love Song - Cinderella Hunt #90
Jeans - Doux Petit Dahl - Cinderella Hunt #18
Black/Red Dress - Bliss Couture - Cinderella Hunt #88
Shorts Outfit - Crash Couture - Cinderella Hunt #12
Wrap Top - Trashy Girls - Cinderella Hunt #23
Blue Pants - Slacy's - Cinderella Hunt #39
Peach Skirt - This Is A Fawn - Cinderella Hunt #61
Grey Dress and Bag - Je Republic - Cinderella Hunt #30

Most Poses (but not all) - Karla Scrobal's - Cinderella Hunt #40
Frog Pose - Striking Poses - Cinderella Hunt #87

Woo, done. o.O
I did the hunt a a couple of weeks ago now and stores seem to like to move. And there's always room for faun-error. Please use Search if you end up in the wrong place. If you still can't find it you can drop me an IM and I'll update this post. :3

Does anyone else think that Flickr makes their pictures darker or is that just me? :/


Hempy Weezles said...

Love the pics Trickett especially the last one! :)

Kie Jinn said...

I can't find the Elate! dress - the slurl took me to an old location of "This is a Fawn"... I tried a couple of elate locations but no luck

Kie Jinn

Narita said...

it should be the elate mainstore on the cupcake sim.

Trickett Nightfire said...

Eek, sorry about that, had to go wrong somewhere with that many SLURLs. Is there some kind of technique for SLURL lists? x:
Anyway, Elate! is here:
I'll edit that when I make a new post, hopefully today.

Jillian Rueter said...

Where did you get your cute hooves? Sorry if I missed it.