Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspired by the flesh~

I was alerted to free skins at Lazolli and I ran right over. I hadn't been to this location before and it appears they've rebuild bigger and better and are having lots of success. It was a frenzy by the time I left! As of this post I know there is one skin I missed. All together I picked up Five 0-2L skins some are usual freebies but to me they were new! I rejoined the group and there is also a skin gift in there as well. I like the skins so much they inspired these three looks.

Bella Corset White -Pixel Dolls - 50L
15 pc set well worth the price black/gold/white lace accessories
Many color options. Pixel Dolls is having a 10L Retirement sale go look!!
Antique pearl wrap necklace - Bonita's Jewelery - 0L

Mia Snow - Broken Heart Bazaar Outfit - not free
Show me on the doll - Coney Island Baby - Jester hair
Kakaue Kreations - KK Rola Boot Red - MM Board (inside KK)

Long Rotten Corset - previous (HOM) House of Munster group gift from Rotten Toe
not sure if its still available.
The red shirt is from "Cinema Strange Ragged Tops"- Rotten Toe
GloBoy Mohawk - Bryce Designs - Free - Tully Location
Green Men's Army Boots - Kakaue Kreations - MM Board
Located just inside Currupted Innocents

Lazolli Skins from left to right all 0L-2L
Top row: Jorden Skin 2B, Jade 03E inspired the second look, Sophia Skin 04B Look one
Bottom row: Nicole Skin 04B, Jade Skin 01A Extra (Group Gift!) on look three, Sophia Skin 04G
The Adorable hair is a Preview Release I found in the center of Pixel Dolls as I was shopping
=Elle=F= - Jude comes in 12 shades some shown here - 145L

Closeup of the Boots
Kakaue Kreations - KK Rola Boots Red - MM Board
Wait to rez at the drop point and look for KK's Black Sign

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