Friday, July 31, 2009

Sexy in Red.

The other night you may have been alerted as I was by Wrenja to this fabulous MM prize at Steambound. The picture on the MM looked good but I really fell in love when I put it on. I'm not a huge gown person but I added a pic with the skirt for those of you who are. Now I know there is some kind of obsession with my butt so get a good look because it looks amazing in these pants! hahaha.. Lil Shiny you could see yerself in'em! *Winks*

"Scylla Red" 11 pc set MM prize can be won at Steambound in Dysnomia
Check the other Steambound locations for different MM prize options all very nice.
The skin shown in the pic has been around a long time. Its got a lace veil option which is shown here. I went back to WigWamBam and to my surprise its still available for 1L.
The gorgeous hair pictures is one I'm sure you've seen before. I picked it up at Curio this week, I had wanted it for a while its called "Gertrude" (flower not included) 200L per color pack.

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