Friday, July 10, 2009

The time has come...

I've been absent lately, thought not for anything bad. The other girls and I have been busy with a new little treat up our sleeves. After the HQ closed a month ago, everyone was pretty upset. It was a sad thing, but at the same tme it was part of opening a new page in terms of this blog's future.

The day we sent notices out, the fabulous Anicia of Sugar Mill Grove gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. A new home for the Love/Hate HQ. So, there is a NEW HQ, bigger, better, and a lot more representative of our intents. Once again we've had a huge outpouring of support from creators who have contributed to the HQ, but this time there is a twist.

There is a littttttle bit of a challenge to get to the gift room, insane, crazy and a lot of fun. A big maze you have to get through, and make sure you take the right door ;D. While you're there don't forget to check out our new 'Creator Spotlight' corner, a new area to highlight new and fantastic designers who deserve more exposure. Our inaugural designer is Ikaru Aichi for 'Violent Seduction' and for the event she's discounted her items in the creator spotlight by 100L, so make sure to take advantage of that deal while you can.

We have a couple of exclusives that can and probably will be leaving pretty soon. Ghanima from +++Blue Blood+++ has put out a previous lucky chair dress for the event while she works on a more permanent gift for the HQ, so make sure to pick that gorgeous piece up for *free* while you have the chance. Also, last night while Kat was here placing her gift, she gave indication that she'd be retiring a lot of her older freebies, so if you HAVEN'T grabbed the Red/White Ghostfire dress, you better get it now, because there is no saying how long it will be around for!

Explore the new digs, and join us tonight at 7 pm for an opening day party. I'll be throwing down with some hot music, and hopefully you'll be joining us for the festivities! I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped out and contributed to the new headquarters, this was definitely a major undertaking, but in the end we've come out with something great, I love you guys :D

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Pookie B said...

I'm so completely lost. The LM send my arrow to an private lot and I do not see any mazes/doors.