Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pig Out on RFL

Lookee where I am! It's the United Forces Against Cancer camp on the Relay for Life Sim!

I'm giving you a little glimpse of one of the greatest events in all of SL. This weekend marks the end of the RFL campaign in SL & it's your LAST CHANCE to make your generous donations & come away with some EXCLUSIVE RFL GOODIES!

For 24 hours, July 18th-19th, relayers will be walking the full estate sims, filled with camps from all of the RFL teams. And each of the camps is filled with RFL items just aching for you to buy them! Heaps of amazing designs from the top creators in SL, that you won't be able to get ever again! And there are loads of items that are just $1L! Do not miss this chance to show your support for an amazing cause!

Top - Pig - Ladies Like Flowers Rouge - FREE (I Heart the Starlust Group Gift)

The top I'm wearing is a Group Gift for the I Heart the Starlust Group from Pig. You're crazy if you're not in this group yet. It's seriously the most fun you can have in SL without a poseball. Plus, if you haven't heard, the Starlust is holding a Flickr contest right now & the prize list is just jaw-dropping & endless. You soooooo wanna win this ;D

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