Saturday, July 4, 2009

the old Red, White, and Bloooo

It's the fourth of July stateside, and if you know anything about the states, you know that it means food, fireworks and fun! Today I'll be attending the local 'pets for mayor' parade, which is an annual event. I'll be voting for April the Cow, as the signs say 'she's ruminating for us!" and 'April would make a Moovelous mayor!' Other than that, hamburgers and fireworks and dancing in the park with friends.

In other news, Deviant Kitties has a special hunt for the Fourth, with four patriotic hairstyles, which are pretty fashionable to boot, I'd say its the best holiday hair to come out so far, but I am partial to pigtails ;d.

They aren't hidden very hard, but I will tell you that you are looking for little uncle Sam hats, they are kind of small, and there are two inside the store and two outside of the store. Other than that, you're on your own. But really, I think your biggest opponent will be lag, even with the lag, I finished the hunt in around five minutes and was on my way.

The hairstyles are so fun, there is really something for everyone, or everything for someone, cause I'm loving every style that was made available in the hunt. I'm also wearing the Le Petit Nosferatu dress from Violent Seduction, which isn't free, but is ridiculously sexy, and comes with two different skirt options, of course I'm wearing the shorter one ;x

So I hope if you're in the states, you have an awesome fourth of July. And hopefully you'll forgive me, its almost 2 AM and I just noticed I didn't adjust the headband in my pictures xD Sorry!

Get thee to Deviant Kitties, I'll be nice enough to provide a tank, who really wants to ride around in a limo anyway?

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