Saturday, July 4, 2009

Go show B&T some love!

I received a pretty urgent notecard earlier today from B&T Subscribo group saying that the Sim where their Mainstore was located went poof because the Sim owners failed to pay the teirs and are now missing along with 5 plus weeks of pre-paid rent! Luckily they have a few satellite stores where you can find all of their new releases along with special sale items something different in each. I decided to go show some love for B&T at Malt Village and take advantage of the sale. There are some really nice things to be had!

I really like this outfit! Its a bit retro and very fun. The pants come in two versions one with less stars making it more wearable year round. The top comes in two lengths your really getting lots for the money. The belt is scripted to resize it fit very well.
Outfit: B&T Fourth of July 10 pc set - 10L limited time
Sculpted Toe Shoes: B! Fashion holiday freebie for a limited time - 0-1L
Freedom Hat: Digital Knickers Holiday Dollarbie - 1L

Couple more outfits I scored at B&T.
Left: Sexy pink shiny top and shorts 1L
"New York" Fashion Boots Barbie Pink Malt opening gift - 20L
Right: "Cyber Outfit" 3 pc set special opening price - 10L
On Left: The hair is a group gift from .::NoKMaK::. "Anuenue.Salon" in Cream w/ barrettes
Activate group tag and buy it at Anuenue+Noar Mainstore.
The Fabulous skin is a freebie from a store which is new to me called Lara Skins
I think I'll be living in this skin a while! - Lara Skins "Aida" 0L
The Jewelery is unreleased by our very own Narita Rayna of Ticky Tacky!
I couldn't help but wear it... isn't it love! I'll let her tell you more about it when the time is right.
On Right: The hair is new picks rewards from Philotic Energy "Stephanie" in Mochachino


Narita said...

omg girl! you are so sweet! :D <3

Hempy Weezles said...

didnt it look perfect with that outfit I had to reshoot the pic cuz it was missing something