Sunday, July 26, 2009

Its HOT!

Today the Albero Summer Fair started! Lots of deals on clothes all over the place, but even better? Lots of fun freebies and dollarbies for you to claim. And I do mean *fun* from colors, to summery and fun wading pool to soak in, is making my house that much more comfortable, and the temperatures are quickly jumping into the 90s here *craiface*

Candy Mountain Vivi hair - 1L
Taklamakan Usagi tee - Free!
Avant Melon uneven cuteness pants (red) -Free!
: *BR Summer Noodle Chair - 1L
+mocha+ Vinyl Pool & Swim Float Ring - 1L from Gachapon! (five colors available)

The *BR chair KILLED me, it comes with four versions of the same chair, the shadow on it facing different directions, and it comes PACKED with poses. The items up for sale are amazing too! There are some chair poofs with fun poses, and probably the best beach towel I've ever seen, color change and piles of poses in it. I have a feeling I'll be going back for it before too long.

That fantastic Lounger is the -SinDecade- Shellby lounger, and is 500L, and has a pile of different poses, as well as skins to really let you personalize it. I'm also wearing the -SinDecade- Auri T1 skin, in [Manyme]. I Heard a rumor that the Auri skins, and other old skin lines might not be available much longer, so if you've been eying them, you might consider buying them before you don't have the chance to anymore!


Adrianna said...

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful post :)
I cant seem to find the pool from gochapon though, can you post a surl or tell me which part of the sim I can find it ?
Thanks :)

Wrenja said...

the gotchapon is right here

pay the vendor and it gives you a random swimmy set. All of them have the wading pool, and a different colored swim ring.