Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where is Wrenja?

So +++Blue Blood+++ Has a new Midnight Mania for you kids to go hit, its a pretty sort of spooky princess dress. But things are kind of different here, Ghanima has teamed up with Ann from Unique Needs to present to you an exclusive set. Dress with matching jewelry, each in an MM board at their particular store. Luckily, both stores are on the same sim! (note, necklace in the first picture is not part of the set, The MM didn't fill last night, so I wasn't able to get it ;d)

That's not all though. The MM was released last night, but this morning Ghanima added EIGHT lucky boards to her shop, each holding a different color of her newest creation 'SheDevil'. The store was packed when I got there this morning, and I was there for only about an hour before I had received all of the dresses I was after. But wait... there is more.

Ann has ALSO put out EIGHT lucky boards at Unique Needs, filled with eight color matching jewelry sets to wear with your lovely new dresses. A devious and Delightful plot by these two ladies to bring you some really great gear, especially if you are convinced you're a princess. I know I am.

any clue where I am? xD

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