Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elegant gothic... librarian?

Have a couple of goodies and a really pretty dress today. First up is a shop called AIR, they make some of the most intricately detailed and beautiful glasses on the grid. There are a couple of freebies hanging out in the shop, this pair of glasses, and the earrings/ring combo are absolutely free. They're sitting on a table that is pretty hard to miss. The glasses have color change lenses, so you can coordinate them to any outfit.

Up next, we have the newest release from +++Blue Blood+++. Its a ridiculously cute lolita dress named 'Rebellious'. I don't know what about it is exactly rebellious, but it is gorgeous, and only 300L. It also comes with the stockings and gloves and comes in all the colors you come to expect from +++Blue Blood+++.


Atriel Starbrook said...

Doh! Your LMs all point to Blue Blood. I cannot seem to find the AIR store via LL's oh-so-great search engine.. :(

Alma Garnet said...

Atriel, I had same problem but found it by searching on "AIR glasses". Here is the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Goguryeo/53/79/65

Wrenja said...

oh sorry about that, fixing now ><