Friday, July 10, 2009

Cinderella Hunt: The Accessories

The Hunt offers several accessories and sets including quite a few tiaras, several shoes and a couple of sets and wands.

Some of the shoes available. :3
The glass slippers are from Vanity Designs Inc.. The anklet also pictured is from U&R Dogs. Interesting fact, Cinderella is a French fairytale and the original version of Cinderella's slippers were made from fur. A mis-translation turned fourrure into verre, the French for glass. :3
You should recognise the platform heels from a few moths ago when they took over the grid. This pair from Lutricias Luxurieshas been accented with skulls and crosses for a more gothic approach.
And the cute flats are from Baby Couture. :3

The circlet is from A Touch of Whimzie. The eyes and necklace are from Pididdle.

The beautiful ring is from AHC. Never really tried to photograph rings before, they're difficult. x: The tiara is from Lacie Cakes and comes in a silver version too.

The tiara in this picture is from Dana and the flower parts are colour change. The necklace is from Burroughs, they also have a complete freebie set. They have a very intricate texture changing system with HUD, which was kind of intimidating at first but turned out to be very easy to use. :3

Hopefully I can combine clothes and poses for a final Cinderella post sometime this weekend. :3

Glass Heels - Vanity Designs Inc. - Cinderella Hunt #60
Anklet - U&R Dogs - Cinderella Hunt #83
Red/Black Heels - Lutricias Luxuries - Cinderella Hunt #47
White Flats - Baby Couture - Cinderella Hunt #41

Circlet - A Touch of Whimzie - Cinderella Hunt #45
Eyes / Necklace - Pididdle - Cinderella Hunt #13

Ring - AHC - Cinderella Hunt #10
Tiara - Lacie Cakes - Cinderella Hunt # #42

Tiara - Dana - Cinderella Hunt #19
Necklace - Burroughs - Cinderella Hunt #9

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okrebecca said...

just wanted to say thanks for posting these...i've pretty much only scooped up what you blog and it's a huge effort to sort and shoot all these items, i'm sure i speak for hundreds of people when i say we appreciate it LOADS!!!