Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cinderella Hunt: The Skins

Making skin vendors must be seriously tedious. ): I told myself I wouldn't spend that long doing these, especially as I slept all afternoon but my perfectionism kicked in and they had to be the same style and size and etc..
Anyway, these are the skins available from the Cinderella Lost Slipper Hunt which I will be abbreviating from now on. x.X

Rockberry skins from the Megan line. Available in four tones, Dark and Light shown here and Natural and Tan.

Skins by May Girl. There's also a second skin with a little more pink eyeshadow. :3

The top skin is by Cipria Couture. The bottom skin is by Banilacoco, there's also a face mask skin in there I'm sure I've seen on another blog.

And the hair I used throughout is Nushru's prize. :3 It makes me want to watch Cinderella.

I'm currently doing the Juicy/Malt/Yabu sims hunt. They end on the 12th so I don't know if I'm going to have time to blog anything from them. There's about sixty stores spread out over four sims but the slight disadvantage is each prize costs 1L, which isn't much at all when you're buying one off things but can be a lot all at once if you don't have the L. The Yabu sim also has it's own hunt to celebrate it's first year on the grid, everything's free in that one. :3

Skins in First Pic. - Rockberry - CLSH #26
Skins in Second Pic. - May Girl - CLSH #21
First Skin in Third Pic. - Cipria Couture - CLSH #56
Second Skin in Third Pic. - Banilacoco - CLSH#11
Hair - Nushru - CLSH #66

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