Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy Monday

Today is just one of those days where you hang out on your porch in your undies, its so warm, it's almost kind of gross. Of course, my moon is high in the sky and the property is private so I really don't have to worry about anyone peeping on me, either way, I look damn cute.

Last night I was just hopping around my favorite shops, lusting over things I cant afford (mmm Auri tinge1 expanded painbox fatpack :o...) and I noticed a big sign in SinDecade with girlies in their underwears. I clicked it, and it gifted me with a big old pack of them. Pink, Blue and the Red that I previously blogged as a group gift... and now that I think about it, SinDecade released a group gift last night too *scurries off to take pictures*.

There we go. Trin was amazing and released this skin last night as a preview for her forthcoming skin line, and I died, even though its too dark for me. You can only get this in the SinDecade update group. The furni I'm sitting on is a great group gift from Picnic as well as all of the flower pots sitting around. The furniture set comes with four chairs and the table, and the chairs have a pile of sit poses in them. You're going to want to go to the main store, and join the group, the table is on an ad vendor right next to the group join kiosk, and the flower pots are in past notices.

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