Tuesday, July 21, 2009

let your hair down

Last night I decimated my hair folder. Inventory dropped by about 800 \o/. Think about it, all of those freebie fatpacks from Hair Fair. You don't need that style in Periwinkle, and unless you're Terry Toland, you probably don't need it in green either (donthurtmeTerryihartu). It was kind of horrifying, seeing artifacts of my noobdom. I just had to wonder how some of those pieces made it through my first hair folder genocide. Anyway, this morning I started in on my skin folder, came across Cyber Rapunzel, and thought to myself 'I wonder whats up with that shop lately?'.

A new lucky board is whats up. Its been awhile, because I do check in periodically. Its an odd skin, but that's what Cyber Rapunzel is good for, it has always made her work more interesting to me. So, the Lucky Board is on a 20 minute timer, so bring your friends so the wait doesn't get to be too much.

Also, if you've never grabbed the mountains of gifts from Tigerclaw in the past, they're available across the street.

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Alvena Weezles said...

decimating hair folders are awesome. I went from 12k down to 9k by doing that and getting rid of hair i bought a year ago when i first rezzed and all the clothes i got then too >.>