Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today's the day we Americans celebrate the independence of our nation by blowing up a small part of it. \o/ My neighborhood here in The Bronx has been setting off fireworks every night for weeks now & last night we had a little pre-game action, with screaming bottle rockets, booming M-80s & endless sirens. Yay! XD Another cause for celebration in the Big Apple - the re-opening of the crown on the Statue of Liberty! After 9/11, the fear police shut it down. So, opening it back up is kinda like lifting the veil of insanity. *Sigh* Sanity... a sight for some very sore eyes. So, even more reason to celebrate with some RL particle dealies!

Want one more reason to cheer? SALE! As you've heard by now, a bunch of shops down at Mischief Cove have marked all their Red, White & Blue items down to just 1/2 Price! And what's at Mischief Cove, but 2 of my absolute favorite dress shops in all of SL... Icing & Elate! Today's the day to stock up on some seriously adorable and perfectly made party dresses. You'll have everything you need for the rest of the year. Hustle on down and grab 'em all!

Left to Right:
1 - (Elate!) Felicity (Flame) - $150L
2 - *ICING* Carmen - $125L

3 - Dress - *ICING* Puma Jie - $147L

Bracelet - *ICING* Princess Pearl Bracelet -FREE

4 - *ICING* Diabolique - $125L

5 - (Elate!) Amy (Flame) - $125L

Left to Right:
1 & 2 - *ICING* Angel Food Cake (dress & swimsuit) - $125L
3 - *ICING* Luna Rossa - $125L

4 - *ICING* Spring Picnic - Vanilla - $97L

5 - *ICING* Miss Ava - $195

Left to Right:
1 - *ICING* Tradewinds - $125L

2 - *ICING* Holiday Party - $147L

3 - Dress - *ICING* Soda Shop - Blueberry - $147L

Hair - Ingenue :: Myrna :: Natural Black - $100L (
Hair Fair)
Bracelet - *ICING* Princess Pearl Bracelet -FREE

4 - *ICING* Mignouette - Blue - $125L

5 - *ICING* Moonlight Dance - $125L

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