Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sale + Some

Also! Currently a sale going on at Patchwork, and it wont last. There are about a dozen items marked down. They range from 1L to 10L and are literally anything. Check all the vendors, even the Fun-Ature Rezzer! Here is a peak at a few of the sale items. I wont list exactly what in the photos is for sale, or how much. That's your job. Go now if you see something you like, because come TOMORROW NIGHT, I will reprice all sale items to normal!

Okay, I am sure you have all had enough of me, but one more thing! For those of you who love Photohuds, I have updated my lucky chair and added two lucky boards. You can follow this link to Patchworks blog for more info on what is in the LC as well as the big week we had rebuilding the store and vendors! A lot of new stuff, and my best photohud to date!

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