Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of goodness at Reasonable Desires!!

Reasonable Desires has been one of my favorite stores and one I found early in my SL life. Austie Pegler owner, designer never fails to disappoint! I love how each set comes with bunches of accessories and layers this recent release "Cigarette Girl" is really fun. You can stock the tray with whatever items you like and when people click it they get the goods!
There is also a tray with gift boxes on it if your a non-smoker. ~_^

Reasonable Desires ~ Cigarette Girl ~ 175L

I do love to dress up so I had to good time with this next gem called Amelia.
Ready to fly the friendly skies!
Reasonable Desires~ Amelia ~ 199L
(boots not included)

I cant end this post without telling you about the lingerie sale going on now at
Reasonable Desires!! Practically everything in the lingerie department is marked down to between 20-50L! Everything but vintage is on sale!
From Left to Right:
Juliette Lingerie - 50L
Brandy Tintable Set - 20L
Tintable Purrr Lingerie - 50L
Sophie 6 pk. or Tintable - 50L
Elegance in Cream - phat pack for 50L
There is bunches more out for sale go have a look before you miss out!


Eden Knoller said...

I love it when you do retro!

Hempy Weezles said...

aww <3 and I love doing it :) xox thank you Eden!! muah