Saturday, July 4, 2009

Killer Shoes!

I ran into my new friend Silver Milneaux at this lucky chair and she was wearing these KILLER shoes I just had to run and get them for myself. I have a bit of a gangster girl fetish and I collect all things pinstripe. Narita was laughing at me while I was making an outfit to go with these shoes, I have a ton of gangster wear. Wait till you see these shoes, they are to DIE for.

Outfit: All but the shorts and guns are from Flashpoint Fashions "Smooth Criminal" the set complete with guns (not shown) was costs somewhere around 300L
Shorts: Rocker Wear from the "Killer Lady" set
Hair: Magika Lucky Chair "Fedora Red E" (might still be available not sure)

How Freaking Fabulous are these shoes!!! For 350L you get this look or one without Ammo!
Unique Needs: "Dolly Goth Chunky Spy Pumps" (Toe Pistol + Heel Bow Version) 350L
There are several different versions or a phat pack of 10 pairs for 900L

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