Friday, July 17, 2009

SoS preview!

Quick and dirty today because its hot and I want to get to the waterfront like two hours ago. I'm the 'official' blogger of the Slice of Summer hunt, you'll be seeing me over on the Slice of Summer blog as well, so I've got some hot previews for you kids to get you salivating for some watermelon! The hunt starts tonight at midnight, so try to keep yourself contained until then!
WhoNose - Women's Slice of Summer dress and floating cloud
U&R Dogs - SoS jewelry set (necklace, earrings and bracelet)
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat (out now!)

The hunt has 116 stops, and some of the best and most exciting creators on the grid are involved, a lot of awesome Japanese creators as well, a lot of my favorites. The Who Nose gift, is above and beyond some of the best work I've ever seen out of Rarurick Ragu, she's fantastic to begin with, but her gift is not only the dress I'm wearing above, but the cloud and rainbow I'm sitting upon, its SO cute, and really well made!

Avantmelon - SoS clothing gift
Umi Usagi - SoS leaf chair gift
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat (out now!)

Avantmelon is a newer creator on the grid and makes some super cute casual clothes, make sure to hit the MM when you stop by, as the dress in it is super cute as well! The leaf chair is Umi Usagi and is PACKED to the brim with sit poses, I love it!

Mocorin - SoS 'rainboot story' necklace
WhoNose - Women's Slice of Summer dress and floating cloud
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat (out now!)

Another newish creator is Mocorin, I first discovered her at Cioccolato mall, and have been in love ever since. Recently her cute robots and other pieces have been popping up on blogs all over the place

Hal*Hina - SoS Sunflower Kimono
MJ+DADA - Green Mules and bangle

We're gonna wrap things up for today with a little bit of Hal*Hina, MJ+DADA and =Feather=. Teh kimono above is Hal*Hina's gift and the shoes and bangel are from MJ+DADA, totally cute. But for me, the kicker is =Feather= who has put out a special edition cookie plate for the hunt that refills itself... mmmm self refilling cookie plate. Why can't I have one of these in RL?

=Feather= SoS cookie plate

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