Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Huff Prims

I'm in a mad dash to get 519326746524 hunt prizes done before I leave town tomorrow & the frenzy has brought on a serious spazz-attack. Thought I'd share XD

Top - []::Tuli::[] Wide sleeve shirt [white] (Group Gift)
Pin - Ken's Store - Mayor MCcheese campaign pin 09 - FREE

Head - {soap} Lego Head - FREE

Pose - [LAP] - Official LAP Pose (Former Hunt Prize)

The top is the latest group gift from Tuli. The pants are a Lucky Chair Prize from Kosh, and I'm pretty sure they're Unisex. The pin is a Mayor McCheese '09 button that I picked up at the new Elliot Sim, outside the Ken's Store, near the Happy Meal (also FREE). The pose is from Long Awkward Pose & was - I think - part of one of the hunt prizes in last year's Poop Hunt. Designer Dove Swanson hinted today that she might revive that hunt again this year & I'm totally praying that she does! And, lastly, the Lego Head is from Paper Street Soap Co. I got it while searching for the Slice of Summer Hunt prize, which I never managed to find. The place was so laggy & I was clicking things randomly so I'm not sure if I got it from some kind of scripted giver, or if it was a result of my crazy clicking. Either way, it's adorable & I'm not taking it off for the rest of the night.


Hempy Weezles said...

whoa girlfriend. Stop eating paste and huffing prims. let me help yew <3

Narita said...

XD <3