Monday, July 27, 2009

on the big rock Candy Mountain

Remember that rainbow Candy Mountain hair from the Albero post yesterday? I couldn't help myself, and decided to go find the main shop. I wasn't disappointed. The shop is big, the shop is colorful, the shop has piles of freebies, and two lucky chairs in the back of the shop.

The chairs are literally stuffed to the gills with skins and toys and other pretty things, and as if that weren't enough, in the middle of the shop is a stand with a big old box of freebies, and other free and cheap boxes of goodies for you to claim.

Make sure to look around too, there are other freebies floating around the shop, and a lot of really good deals to be had, everything in the shop is reasonably priced, and fun and colorful to boot. I hope we'll be seeing a lot more from this designer in the future, cause there is a lot of really great potential.

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