Saturday, July 18, 2009

another slice

I only planned on doing one SoS post to L/H and then keeping everything over on the SoS blog, but I'm running late today, and this round of gifts is as fantastic as the first preview, so I just had to share. All of these shots were taking in the DJunk Futura skybox as blogged by the girls at Baking Cupcakes. I'd been to Djunk before in the past, and passed on blogging what was there, but they've totally improved, and hell its all free, so you can't complain about that. When I saw the skybox on BC, I was like 'I wanna blog that' >.> so I did. Anyway, on to the goodies!

Zenith is a shop on the run that I'd never been to before, but as soon as I saw the pink princess dress in the store, I knew this set would be a keeper. The shoes are included, and I love this dress, like really really... REALLY, love this dress. I'm probably going to go drop a pile of cash in that shop now.

Lo*Momo is also involved, giving a billowy summer dress, I like that the green is subtle and not too jarring, its really a nice piece, and the shoes I'm wearing with it, are the gift from Tango NY, there are three pairs in the gift, one of men, women, and then, oddly enough there is a set for the tinies! I've been impressed by the number of men's gifts I've seen in the hunt so far, but Tango went way out of their way with providing a gift for tinies too. Oh, so you noticed the jewelry did you?

Ginza is throwing down in the hunt and challenging you to *not* loooooove their gift. No offense, but my money is on Ginza in this bet. Their bird hair clip has been something I've coveted for awhile, and when I opened their SoS gift I fell over. Two pairs of earrings (one with the bird, one without) the necklace, and then they also put in a gift for the boys. They're so thoughtful, now drool with me.

*Sugar* is a shop that has provided some of my favorite clothes in my inventory. Never one to be stingy, they've provided a complete outfit, from tattoos, to clothes, jewelry, to the shoes on my feet. It's especially nice if you've gone into dress overload and need to wear some jeans for a change.

One of the shops I was most excited about before the hunt started, was Draconic Kiss. There was a small worry that they were going to drop, but in the last hours before the hunt, they totally came through with this fantastic dolly dress. Springy, and flouncy and fun, I was so happy toopen this sucker up.

Wrapping up the post with a gift from one of my besties, Narita from *Ticky Tacky*. She put together this jewelry set in 'boysenberry', everything you see is included, and is one of those great functional sets that you could wear with almost everything! So, now that I've given you even more reason to crave watermelon, what are you waiting for? Get going!


Narita said...

omg - yay! thanks girlie! :D <3

Wrenja said...

of course <3