Monday, July 27, 2009

I Learnt How To Work Eyelashes For You! o:

Well I didn't really, they just conveniently fitted me. <.< It still freaks me out that they don't blink so I'm staying eyelash free for everyday happenings.

Vive9 have put out freebies at their Eugene location. I've been wearing one of their old group gifts for a few days now and I love it but then again I haven't been inspired enough to change in a week or so. x: I think some of their skins are suited to avatars who wish to achieve an East Asian appearance and if you run to their main location you might just be able to catch the end of their 1k fatpack sale on some of their older skins. :3

Skins - Vive9 at Eugene - Freebies

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ample said...

you know i saw some blinking lashes just the other day. they had a face light and something else built into them to, maybe a smile hud too? anyway, they looked pretty cool, but i were broke and could not purchase 'em.