Saturday, July 25, 2009

Purple Princess

If you've never been to Indi, its definitely a place you should take a few minutes to check out. I bought my first set from the store during RFL. They do a weekly dollarbie thing, a set for boys and a set for girls. Every week a new piece is released, for 1L, and if you miss a piece, when the full set is out, the pieces you've missed are available for 5L.
This week is another skirt, but you'll be able to get the last two weeks pieces soon, for cheap! The set is already hot, and its only going to get better, so go pick up the skirt now. New pieces are released on Saturday, so don't dawdle!

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fred said...

sorry, my english is very bad, but here is a nice dollarbie shop
all is selled for 1l$, is over 200 creation in the shop, the creator say, if the people like to give more money for the stuff, she can use the tip jar