Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lolita Pimpin'

One of the new features we're hosting at the HQ is a 'Creator Spotlight' giving space for new and upcoming designers to host a few of their favorite pieces and hopefully gain a little bit more exposure in the SL fashion world. Our first spotlight is going to be on Ikaru Aichi of Violent seduction. She has some of her dresses and skins up in the HQ, and they're 100L off for the extent of her stay.

You've heard me talk about her probably, we've become really good friends, but when I sent her an offer to take part in the Creator spotlight, we'd never spoken before. I'd found her store through the *House of Munster* group, and was in love. Her dresses and skins were creative and so cute I could hardly stand it, I couldn't *not* ask her to take part.

She has a real understanding of the Lolita culture, and it comes through in her work. Especially if you have a love for Visual Kai, you have to appreciate her Rise of Lolita collection of skins, all of them are based on the various looks of Mana from Malice Mizer. The skins are gorgeous even if you don't know who Mana is.

Violent Seduction will be in the HQ until July 24th, at which time a new creator will come in, and this special deal on VS skins and dresses will disappear forever. Just as a side note, Coyura Creations has a hunt for that cute blue snail you see in the middle picture, it's adorable and totally worth checking out.

Also, if you missed the party on Friday night, we'll be having another, closing the event tonight at 6 pm... until whenever people decide to leave, at least two hours. Hope to see you there.

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