Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cthulhu Ia!

In the event that you missed all of the press, The Bacchanal is on, but will be disappearing in mere HOURS. As we grow ever closer to midnight, the sinews tighten toward dragging R'lyeh back into the deep, taking with it all of these fantastic deals. The stars will only be aligned a few more hours before we hit midnight and it allllllll goes poof.

Whether you're looking for cultist wares or just something edgy and fun, your needs are covered, from the gorgeous Draconic Kiss dresses, to the Nomine dress set, that you can buy in pieces, or whole for 300L. Cause, you know, sex appeal is totally important for when you're running around Rl'yeh.

We are in no short sully of cultist wears either, whether you're in need of a blade for your blood sacrifices, or a full body cloak and mask to better worship your gods, we've got you covered. ImmateriA brings the tentacles, masks and all kinds of awesome, for incredible prices!

But it all disappears at midnight! Don't let the idea of insanity hold you back. That's what asylums are for, and we all know Arkham is one of the most comfortable around.

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