Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Around the World

Today seems to be the day of ridiculous awesome sales. Fine by me, it's just my wallet that is whimpering at this point. But I can't complain, because it gives me an excuse to feature one of my most favorite things on the grid. Latex from Seldom Blue.

Today marks the beginning of what Indigo and I seem to have discerned as Seldom Blue's *first* real sale. The 'Celebration' sale as it is being termed, is a large selection of bright, beautiful, and BLUE items marked down to 50L! You can tell what is marked down by the lovely star on the set. I will put forth as what is definitely one of the best deals available right now. The Latex Lucy skirt sets. Why? Because, you could just get the Latex Lucy shorts set, but if you get the skirt set, you get the skirt AND the shorts. If you want to supplement that set with the naughty see through sets, you're golden, and I am SO in love with the baby blue, all iridescent and beautiful.
Another store with a ridiculous 50L sale going on right now is The Plastik, and let me just make it really clear, the sale items are ONLY in the main building's first and second floor. Now that that is out of the way, this is the 'Black like my soul' sale, which of course speaks to me. Everything in black ONE THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR OF THE MAIN BUILDING is priced at 50L. Including this awesome jacket. I think I need it in a few more colors. It's just gorgeous, and there is an option for just a solid black coat, no 009 on the back, but why wouldn't you want it there? It's all cybery and amazing and ugh. anyway. Go shopping.
[The Plastik] 'Astrid' jacket - 50L

In other news, I dubbed today Daft Punk day, so DANCE BITCHES >:O

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