Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love like... AWESOME.

Don't tell me you don't know Violet Voltaire. It's like sacrilege. The creator of what is indisputably the most fun jewelry on the grid? Yeah, I know she 'stopped creating' for awhile, but her store didn't go anywhere! How could you *not* know Violet Voltaire? Well, if you don't, you now have NO EXCUSE not to, as she's put everything in her store on sale for 30L. (Except for the Kaatat0nik dia de los muertos dresses, obviously.) Her store has been open for three years now, despite her almost leaving... well, leaving and coming back. God knows I missed her.

That's *everything*, including her newest releases, the Doll Face doll keys, and jewelry sets. Not to mention the penulitmate Love Like Blood series, the Melancholy sets, really, everything. 30L. Take the opportunity right now to acquaint yourself with Violet Voltaire's jewelry, and become a convert, because really, even in terms of just jewelry, few are as good as she is.

Whether you're looking for playful and fun, or just something lovely, you'll find a set you can't live without. On top of that you'll be ready for her grand return which she is slowly mounting, and I know I can't wait until she is back in full force littering the grid with ALL kinds of pretty.

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