Friday, May 28, 2010

spo0kity treats

I'm not much for SL magazines in general, but sometimes they are worth the price of picking up if only to check out the goodies inside. If you haven't grabbed this month's SLGoth magazine you're missing out on some pretty fab stuff.

First up, can you say no to free Silent Sparrow? Especially batty Silent Sparrow. A darling blue batty shirt and matching socks are yours to be claimed, and loved. The shirt comes in a men's and a woman's style, so no one feels left out.

Awhile back I let you in on the hint that Hairoin had a gorgeous feather headdress, and this month in SLGoth magazine you can get yet another amazing headdress, FREE. This piece is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for.. well, I love the dramatic, so I'd wear it everywhere. You can pick up SLGoth magazine in vendors in any of the shops, just drop the magazine on the ground and open it like you would a regular gift box. You'll find more than I'm showing here, but these are my favorite pieces.

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