Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pretty girls

A lot of new and great stuff has dropped recently, starting with these fab new unisex shorts from A-Bomb. I can't help but love the way white and red look together, and had a mini spasm when pulled this whole outfit together and right now, they're only 50L! I think it's pretty clear I have a bit of a nurse fetish, but ugh, fabulous.

If you're feeling a little more french romantic, ~*{The Black Canary}*~ released this lovely ensemble in the past few days, complete with poofy ribbon around the neck to really make you cute. I love the high waist shorts

Rounding out some of the best in new would include the new Nushru hair out exclusively at the Le Cirque event right now. Our lovely Quiver has really started coming into her own with her hair creations. When I first saw this I coveted, you can also get it in an exclusive and gorgeous powder white, to wear with your most fabulous Rococo gown.

Finally, this morning the lovely miss Hyasynth Tirasmisu of the one and only Silent Sparrow released a new picks reward, these gorgeous waist coats in a PILE of colors. You will find the picks reward board next to the group only lucky chair. Totally fantastic, right?

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