Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer already?

Arsenic Lace is getting ready for summer with a brand new gatcha stuffed with fun and flirty dresses, and the best part? The price. 15L. It's always nice when creators recognize that giving a really good deal benefits them in the end. You can argue all you like, but I know Ghanima made a killing on her 13L dress vendors at that Bacchanal. Regardless, these dresses are available only at Arsenic Lace. 15L! Hell yeah!

The skin is currently available for free in the sinDecade update group. The announce on it says it's going to be a 'steady' freebie, so it should be appearing instore somewhere soon. Regardless, it's love isn't it? I love the pink lips. It is totally worth picking up.

~Arsenic Lace~ 'Summer' dress (grey) - 15L (chance in gatcha)
sinDecade 'Minima Violetta' (snow) - free

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