Monday, May 17, 2010


Last night the lovely Ruina Kessel of ][. House of Ruin .][ had a massive release including new skins, new horns and new eyes. Everything you could ever need for your decidedly dark fantasy needs. There is a huge diversity in the styles, colors and horn sizes, and a great price to compliment it all.

When I saw the preview photos of the horns I whimpered a little at how fantastic they are. Especially the two sets I'm showing you today. The skins are fantastic as well. With the Naif series in gorgeous ethereal tones, and Wisp in dark and intense tones, you can cover any skin shade you might need.

Rounding out the release are two new sets of eyes, Tonic and Tonic XXX, in a huge variety of colors. They come in packs of five to ensure you have exactly the selection you need and ready to be the finishing touch to any faerie or demon you're attempting to create.


someone somewhere said...

Oh wow, you do me so much honor! You look fantastic! Thank you for the lovely words and pictures! <3

Asadora said...

These new skins are like *the best* skins I have in my .. well let's not say how large of a skin collection.

When I wear Runia Kessel's Caif skins, I don't wait for people to ask me where I purchased it, I just volunteer the information!;)

Thank you so very very much for your creative talents, Runia and also to Love/Hate for blogging these skins:)