Monday, May 10, 2010

The bad days, the good nights

The Lovely Trin Trevellion of one of my favorite stores, SinDecade has released a new line of skins. Hyper realistic, and hand painted as her skins always are. Few people create skins as well formed and as gorgeous as Trin does, and I've been a fan of her skins since I was very new on the grid. The series comes in three tones, Snow, Pale and Tan, and piles of exciting and nice makeups to please just about everyone.

You can buy skins singly, in four packs(2200L) or fatpack it (3800L). Every skin comes with a special pair of eyes, the black lingerie I'm wearing, a shape, as well as well as an alternate push up version of the skin. The lingerie also comes in a pile of different colors for sale, for only 120L each! The 'Vegas' style will make you feel like Wonder Woman, without a doubt.

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Quen McLillian said...

TYSVVM :O I would like to add this to my list of reviews about Wichita