Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's $50L Friday time and I'm about to run off for the holidays, so let's not waste another minute of shopping time!

Dress - This is a Fawn - Leda Dress [seafoam] - $50L

First up, the ethereal Leda Dress from This Is a Fawn. By far my favorite dress in the shop, now in the delicate soft green color. Flirty, sexy, and yet, somehow, angelic. Just love it.

Dress - my little blue christmas dress by caLLie cLine - $50L

Callie Cline is offering up her little blue christmas dress this week, and it's got to be my favorite dress that I've ever gotten in her shop. The texture is really elegant and the details in the back are lovely. All in all, a perfect little blue dress. Plus, this edition also comes with sheer thigh high stockings, matching gloves & a little blue Santa hat.

Jacket - PIDIDDLE - Em Blazer - Red - $50L

And, finally, the little red blazer from Pididdle. It's got tweed details on the pockets, as well as the elbows, plus little gold buttons down the front. Perfect for this time of year.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday! :D


okrebecca said...

oh HAI!!! where's your little blue sparrows tats from in the callie piccie? you always rock it so hard, i just want to BE YOU.

Narita said...

lol XD <3

the tattoos are a set of full color & faded & they're from aura's shop tacky star.