Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elf Gone Wild.

Dear Santa, I'm done building toys! I've been tinkering in the toy factory for the last month non-stop. We've met the required Quota and I'm off for my Vacation. See you in a few weeks!

Nushru - Elf Girl - Subscriber Gift
Xcentricity - Hawtspur Holiday Gift - Mrs. Claws Boots with Hat (hat not shown)
Check out the wild spurs on the boots!! They fold into the heel by a click of the shoe.

OK.. so I wanted to show you this Jewelery I made for the Twisted Krissmus Shopping Tour!! Each set is only 100L, and its Trans wrapped nicely for gift giving. The event was an attempt to make sure everyone could buy awesome gifts on a budget. My idea was to make these sets as great as possible basically its a lot of bang for your buck! I have three sets total I'm showing some of the two Christmas themed sets. The Third set is a Turquoise Jewelery set I'm very proud of, and which will go back to its normal price and permissions after December. Each set is huge with many attachments and options. Come to my shop and pick up a Twisted Krissmus Shopping Guide to see some of the other amazing offers! You have till Dec. 30Th.
((RIPE)) - Christmas Tree Jewelery Set - Bracelets, Ring, and Necklace Shown.
((RIPE)) - Christmas Light Jewelery Set - Earrings shown
(comes with blinking and non-blinking options!)
I continue my Journey... I'm a long way from the North Pole. I'm an outlaw running from the law of this rinky dink steam punk town. This is Livin! Good thing I wore my Rocket Boots.
They never had a chance.

Xcentricity - Rocket Dragoon Boots (Comes with both Small/Large size options) - 240L
These Boots are AMAZING! Highly detailed. The Boots Clang and Hiss when you walk! The rockets swing down when you fly and they Ignite and the flame roars it even has
Animated Gauges and Fuel Flow.

The Awesome Wings I found at 109 Prims while shopping for my CSR Cards.
109 Prims - Fairy Wing's of Clockwork - 300L Each OR 500L for the fat pack of 7 colors.
I opted for the pack.
Not one to take it easy, I'm ending my vacation in space! Where else!
I've joined a vigilante space gang who travels the Galaxy apprehending violent space pirates.
Yes. I'm a bad ass. This isn't your keebler elf.

Just wanted to show you the Hawt Spurs from Xcentricity in the awesome Color Changing Version!! OMG. Its got soooo many color options its ridiculous 34 Texture options, 93 Color Tinting options. The Spur folds into the heel on click, and they are only 200L. No Wai.
PixelDolls - Heart Gold Back Zip Latex Suit - 10L Each

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