Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sexy Pixel Doll

Oh Hai! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday whichever you celebrate! My holiday was nice my daughter turned Five on Christmas so I was an extra busy bee. I had a small gathering and my daughter had a princess cake and she was thrilled! This will be a short post since I'm expecting the Mother in Law tomorrow. I just had to tell you about these cute free outfits from PixelDolls, also some other goodies I found from 10-100L.

Pixel Dolls - Gift Outfit II - Free in the main section of the shop

I just love all the parts to this outfit which you can mix and match!
PixelDolls - Gift Outfit I - Free
Courtisane Shoes - La Vivien Xmas - Subscribo Gift

This entire Avatar was 10L! I especially LOVE the shape and I rarely say that. I only wish it were mod so I could make her a wee bit taller. The avatar comes with the outfit, shape, skin, pretty gray eyes, glowing hair, and this neat flowing flexi thing called Star Field.

PixelDolls - Yvain Avatar - Everything shown 10L

Of course I had to throw in a little bit of Latex. You knew I would.
Get this nifty lil number for just 10L.
I had one more outfit I was going to show its similar to Gift II, but instead of orange its black white and gray it was 100L and hell of a deal but I lost the picture somehow.
Worth checking out! Happy Shopping and since I will be busy with my In-Law's I'll wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!

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