Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Wrens a gloating

Good Morning my lovelies, it's Monday morning, and you know that that means? New +++Blue Blood+++ release! (also five days until Christmas :O) So this week, is so obviously the best release Ghanima has ever done. Four skirts, gorgeous texturing, exciting and dramatic, and it's called... 'Wren'.

Talk about a Christmas present, I can't wait to hear what the haters have to say about it. This set comes in all of the traditional colors as well as all of the whitegoth colors (of course) and is only 300L, per usual. Don't forget that Ghani also put up a new 29L xstreet dress, and I hear word of there being... what's that? A hunt at +++Blue Blood+++? Later today. This dress will be out in the next few hours (as of 8:18 am mountain time) so be ready for all kinds of yummy new stuff from Ghani!

I shouldn't neglect to mention the skin I'm wearing in the second photo is from Chaisuki, and is one of eight gifts sitting under the Christmas tree in the store. All kinds of skins and tattoos to behad, completely free!

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