Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's A Pamela o:

"You're looking for a Trickett? Don't think I've seen one. Have you tried their favourite shops? How about the forests? Lay some sweetie trails and a pillow trap. A pillow trap? It's a strategically placed pillow for catchin' Tricketts. :D That? It's just a random smiley face. Go about your daily business, no Tricketts here, just us Pamelas. <.<"

This is a Pamela. :3 Or maybe a Trickett interpretation of a Pamela. The skin is by Lazolli and the shape and pose are by Plastic Flowers, your latest store for cute and edgey shapes. :3

The shape has a very versatile, sexy face. She worked with every skin I tried on, including skins that haven't been my favourite on Trick. Shown here are the Lazolli Pamela skin the shape was designed for, Summer by Vive9, Bella by Tuli and Enchanted by Cupcakes.
There are three no mod shapes with varying heights - 5 6", 5 8" and 5 10" by height measure. There's a couple of things I'd change but I am a shape-freak and overall it's probably a better shape than other freebie shapes I've picked up from skin and shape shops (I know you're all saying "well duh" <.<).

I think I have to switch to the offical viewer when I take photos, they just don't seem as sharp in Emerald as they did on LL's. I don't think Photobucket compression helps either...

Shape - Plastic Flowers - 1L
First Skin - Lazolli - 1L
Pose - Plastic Flowers - 1L
Necklace (Colour change) - U&R Dogs - Lucky Chair

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