Tuesday, December 15, 2009


All kinds of wintry wonderfulness is finding its way across the grid, in the form of everything from clothes, to shoes and skins. There are plenty of options to keep you snuggly and warm, or just looking hot in the bedroom.

The lovely Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary released this beauty, 'Cherubim', last night. I hope we know how I feel about white at this point, and this gorgeous set has lots of it, with some lovely fuzzy trim. The hat and capelet complete the set making you look like the snowiest of all lolita.

The skin is from Tacky Star, and right now is only 10L, it's a special preview of what her offerings for the next Designer's united series will be. Totally excited for it, the theme this time? Vaudeville. Mmmm. But hurry, this skin is only going to be out for a limited time!
+++Blue Blood+++ Also had a new release, and I'm *still* geeking over the whitegoth options available. Of course you'll find these lovelies in the traditional colors, but you know, in case you forgot. WHITE. This set is Fluture and comes with two different skirts, as seen below. A whole slew of colors, and if this isn't enough for you. Ghanima has a new 29L sec on Xstreet.com, there is a midnight mania, as well as a mob vend that goes all the way down to 50L.

But we can't forget the shoes! Lazy Places has recently released a whole slew of new boots and hooves. These lovelies are feathered and come with lots of color options, seven different colors to be precise. They also have an option for particle feathers to rezz when you walk, which is totally fun. If your budget is a wee bit tighter, well Nix Sands at XCENTRICITY has a NEW pair of exclusive holiday D'Fly heels for you. These lovelies are Ice Queen blue, and as you can see have their own fun particles.

After a long day of looking lovely and stomping around in some crazy awesome footwear, you need to have the right kind of lingerie so unwind it, or maybe get wound up in. Seldom Blue has release a whole pile of yummy, fun and festive styles for you. Just today Indigoblue dropped a gorgeous holiday version of my favorite set 'Kira' on the SOM group. If you're lucky you might still be able to grab it, it's serious yum.

Another recent addition to Seldom Blue's lingerie line is the Portia series. Right now you can get the purple set for a hugely discounted 195L, that's 25 pieces people, and for a set that normally runs at 800L, it's a deal that can't be beaten. This set has so many options it's ridiculous, from skirts, to bras and panties and corsets, you'll spend hours playing with this set, if only a few minutes taking it off.

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