Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowy and Cute

Lots of new goodies from +++Blue Blood+++ this week. Firstly Ghanima unleashed upon us the SUPER EXCITEMENT WONDROUS JUMPING set "Kawaii". It comes with two skirts, as well as the option to wear it like a suit. Ugh can you say wonderful? The high collar kills me, the waspy waist kills me, the leg warmers? They kill me. This set is so cute, and comes in five dark colors, and five white colors. Ugh I am SO loving the white!

Also check out that skin. It reminds me so much of my first *real* skin. It was a Nomine Windlight skin, and I still love it to this day, but this skin is FREE and from a store called
~: Heartsick :~ this is a store opening gift and its available in ALL shades, with and without freckles and there are cleavage options as well. There is also a skin gift for guys available as well, so make sure to drop by and grab these goodies while you can.

Just in the past hour or so Ghanima unleashed a note on the group proclaiming 10L Jackets for Christmas! And they ran. The jacket is adorable, and comes in seven different colors. I love me some 10L +++Blue Blood+++. Not to mention the most recent 29L blue blood set available on xstreet, here. AND there is a mobvend that goes all the way down to 50L. Ghani's got ya covered.

Just a reminder, four days left of shoe fair, and I still haven't shown you the new Fae Ankou boots from Lazy Places. These suckers are very different, and a lot of fun. They are available in Black, White and Brown, and are still only available at shoe fair, which runs through the 6th.

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