Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love Love Hate

So, real life was supposed to end on Sunday night. Then I get a call telling me that real life is being extended another two weeks. Sooooo I don't want to sit on all this good stuff forever, and I guess I'll just be rationing it out nightly. Until I can get to a place where my schedule is a teeny bit less hectic.

As soon as I saw the ad board from LVS' Dollhouse Boutique about their Tarot hunt gift, I raced over. Old school carnie style really does it for me, and better yet it went beautifully with my newest skin from Deviant Kitties. The Tarot hunt seems *really* promising, this is coming from someone who is so worn out from hunts, that for the most part, I really just don't do them anymore. Pretty sure I'm doing this one though.

The hair is from the Love Soul lucky board against the tree, that is devilish and long, but if you're persistent or have a friend who will stalk it for you, then you might just be able to nab this cutie. Okay, now I'm going to bed. You might see me tomorrow night, depending on how beat up I am.

1 comment:

Hempy Weezles said...

omg that skin is amazing on you babe. I'm so stalking that hair tomorrow.