Sunday, December 6, 2009

get y0 kicks

Right so Shoe Fair 2009 ends TODAY.

J's thigh high boots are *not* new. But they are some of the best you're going to find on the grid. Reason everyone's messing themselves over them lately? New colors, a whole pile of them, and they're gorgeous. Get a fatpack.

Make sure to hit up the vendors that go to toys for tots like these heels from Heart and Sole. The money is going to a good place. Could you imagine being a kid with no presents on Christmas day? Super sadface. Do a good deed.

Probably some of the most normal shoes you'll find at Lazy Places would be the Pr0n heels. But don't forget the hen-tai heels, the hooves and then their darling Knuffle boots, a pack of which is set up for the toys for tots vendor.

ANEXX has piles of good shoes, but I couldn't not show you their toys for tots donation item. These boots are CRAZY awesome. They are so rock star you can't not love them, even if you're an angry little girl like me who hates everything. Details and texturing and everything is gorgeous, and your purchase will help get kids presents for Christmas. Everyone wins.

Don't forget all of the other amazing shoes too, Kookie's Lolita heels, the dalmatian print heels at Maitreya (toys for tots donation to boot). The fun toys for tots donation pair from Courtisane and omg the Lolipolita boots from Periquita. GO NOW DO NOT DELAY SHOE FAIR OVER TONIGHT.

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